Certification Maintenance

Extend your certification status and keep your MuleSoft skills up-to-date.

Select MuleSoft Certifications are now eligible for the Certification Maintenance process, which provides you with the ability to take a shortened maintenance exam to extend your certification and continue to showcase your expertise to the market.

Maintenance exam details
Certification Maintenance exams validate that you continue to have the knowledge and skills required for your certification. Exams are 45 minutes and consist of 25 questions – with 2 attempts maximum. Once you pass your Certification Maintenance exam, your certification will be valid for two years from your pass date.

You may only go through the Certification Maintenance process if you currently hold one of the below certifications and it has not expired. An expired certification can only be renewed by taking the full certification exam.

The following Certification Maintenance exams are available: 

All newly maintained certifications are valid for two years. Note that Mule 3 certifications are not eligible for Certification Maintenance.