MuleSoft Certified Developer - API Design Associate (RAML 1.0)

  • 90 minutes
  • Virtual


Note: On June 1, 2020, this non-proctored certification exam was converted to a free quiz. Existing certifications remain valid for their full 2 year period.

A MuleSoft Certified Developer – API Design Associate should be able to create well-designed, modular API definitions using RAML 1.0 and Anypoint Platform. The MCD – API Design Associate (RAML 1.0) exam validates that an API designer has the required knowledge and skills to:

  • Translate design requirements into API resources and methods.
  • Use RAML to define API resources, methods, parameters, and responses.
  • Model data in APIs using data types.
  • Minimize repetition in API definitions using resource types and traits.
  • Modularize APIs using libraries, overlays, and extensions.
  • Specify API security schemes.
  • Version, document, and test APIs and make them discoverable.

Get a datasheet for the exam here.


  • Format: Multiple-choice, open book, non-proctored
  • Length: 47 questions
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Pass score: 75%
  • Language: English

You can take the exam a maximum of 5 times, with a 24-hour wait between each attempt.


You can no longer purchase this exam.


The certification expires two years from the date you pass the exam.


You can best prepare for the exam by taking the instructor-led Anypoint Platform: API Design course. Candidates should be familiar with all of the content in the course and be able to apply the concepts in actual projects.


The exam validates that you can perform the following tasks.

Note: API: DES is the acronym for the Anypoint Platform: API Design course.

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