MuleSoft Certified Developer - Integration and API Associate (Mule 3)

  • 2 hours
  • Virtual


Note: On June 30, 2022, this certification exam was retired. Existing certifications remain valid for their full 2 years.

A MuleSoft Certified Developer – Integration and API Associate (Mule 3) should be able to successfully work on basic Mule 3 projects with guidance and supervision. The MCD – Integration and API Associate (Mule 3) exam validates that a developer has the required knowledge and skills to design, build, test and debug, deploy, and manage basic APIs and integrations: moving from Anypoint Platform to Anypoint Studio and back. Certified candidates should be able to:

  • Use MuleSoft-hosted Anypoint Platform to take a basic API through all the steps of its lifecycle: design, build, deploy, manage, and govern.
  • Use Anypoint Studio to build, test, and debug basic integrations and API implementations.
  • Connect to a range of resources — including databases, files, web services, SaaS applications, and JMS queues.
  • Perform basic data transformations using DataWeave.
  • Control message flow and handle errors.
  • Process batch records.


  • Format: Multiple-choice, closed book, proctored, online
  • Length: 60 questions
  • Duration: 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Pass score: 70%
  • Language: English


You can no longer purchase this exam.


The certification expires two years from the date you pass the exam.


You can best prepare for the exam by taking the instructor-led Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals (Mule 3) course and to completing the accompanying Do-It-Yourself (DIY) exercises. Candidates should be familiar with all of the content in the course and be able to apply the concepts in actual projects.

The following resources are available to help you prepare:


The exam validates that you can perform the following tasks.

Note: DEV: FUN3 is the acronym for the Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals (Mule 3) course. DEV: DIY3 is the acronym for the MCD - Level 1 / Development Fundamentals (Mule 3) Self-Assessment Quiz & DIY Exercises materials.

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