Certification FAQ


The list of individual professional certifications and accreditations can be found at http://training.mulesoft.com/certification.

There are also company level accreditations through our partner programs.

Note that many of our examinations are bundled with courses, so there may be no need to purchase certain exams due to you already receiving them as part of a training purchase.

If purchased stand-alone, Associate and Specialist level exams have a list price of $125 USD, while Professional level exams have a list price of $250 USD.

It confirms you have mastery of the concepts taught in class.

To obtain recognized industry certification.

To differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

It is free (3 attempts) with class!

Either. Associate and Specialist level exams are generally bundled with the purchase of the corresponding training course(s), but it is also possible to purchase them stand-alone directly on the testing website. Professional level exams are more commonly purchased stand-alone.

At this time, most MuleSoft accreditation exams for individuals consist of primarily multiple-choice type questions. The duration varies by subject, typically between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Some are administered in a proctored manner via MuleSoft‘s testing partner (Kryterion) and some can be taken from any computer with internet access.

See the catalog of exams on the Kryterion Webassessor site for details on the delivery method(s) of each exam.

Most of our basic professional accreditation and end-of-class examinations are available from any computer with internet access through the Webassessor portal.

  • If you received the exam bundled with a course purchase, you will be provided the link and voucher code at the end of your class.
  • If you purchased the exam directly from MuleSoft, you will be provided a link and voucher code by the MuleSoft Training and Certification team.
  • If you wish to purchase an exam by credit card, you can do so directly from the Webassessor site.

Most of our higher-level certification exams must be taken through our testing vendor partner, Kryterion. It is possible to take these exams EITHER in any of the hundreds of Kryterion testing centers worldwide OR online from any computer with qualifying web camera via Kryterion‘s industry-leading Webassesor Online Proctoring program.

Register for an exam at Kryterion‘s Webassessor site.

All of the certifications and accreditations on http://training.mulesoft.com/certification have a validity of two (2) years.

All certification exam vouchers have a physical expiration date. However, in the case that your voucher expires before you have a chance to use it, you can contact us to request a new one.

For any questions or requests not addressed here, contact us.

Before an exam

To pass an Associate or Specialist level exam, we strongly recommend taking the corresponding course. See the main certification page for further details. Taking the training is no guarantee to pass, but few people pass without taking the training.

To pass a Professional level exam, it takes much more than training. The individual will need not only MuleSoft training but also significant hands-on project experience with MuleSoft products after the training. In some cases there are classes such as Anypoint Platform Development: Advanced to help increase knowledge, but again, the exam is meant to test real expertise, not just classroom knowledge.

It is suggested, but not mandatory, that an individual first attend the training associated with the certification path for that particular exam. Some individuals with extensive, diverse experience working with MuleSoft products have achieved certification without attending all the applicable training.

Associate or first level exams are meant to verify good base knowledge of a particular MuleSoft product area. The keys to passing these exams are: 1) Possess the appropriate (preexisting) technical skills; 2) Attend the recommended corresponding training course(s); and 3) Study and grasp the course material thoroughly.

The topics covered in an Associate exam are exactly what is detailed in the course description of the corresponding course(s). Consult the list of training courses.

Download the MCD - Integration and API Associate preparation guide

Professional or second level exams are meant to verify true product expertise. This expertise can only be developed through significant experience using MuleSoft products on a variety of projects. The exam aims to ensure that each individual has: strong applicable development background; broad and deep knowledge of MuleSoft solutions and tools; and appreciable experience using MuleSoft solutions on multiple types of real or experimental projects.

You may find that some of our courses are helpful in preparing for Professional level exams, such as our Anypoint Platform Development: Advanced course, but really no course could provide the expertise or project experience needed to pass this challenging exam.

Each Professional level exam has a corresponding preparation guide, to help test takers understand what skills and knowledge are required to pass. The topics covered in a Professional exam are detailed in the preparation guide.

Download the MCD - Integration Professional preparation guide

No. In order to take a Professional level exam you must use an external camera. You cannot use an embedded (internal) camera because it does not provide the width of view necessary for supervision during the exam. See Kryterion‘s Test Taker Guide for more information.

After an exam

Individuals who pass any of our certification exams will receive an electronic certificate document via email at the email address used to register for taking the exam. In some cases this will be immediately upon passing, but in other cases it may take 7 to 14 days. If you have not received your certificate yet, contact us.

In recognition of your accomplishment, MuleSoft Training and Certification has also released digital badges for you to add to your email signatures and websites.

You’ll also be able to add your certification directly to your LinkedIn profile, and share your certification with your LinkedIn network.

For Associate level exams, we typically allow up to two (2) free retake attempts. Test takers should expect to pay for additional attempts beyond three, and must wait 24 hours between attempts.

For Professional level exams, test takers must pay for each attempt. We recommend that test takers prepare very seriously and thoroughly in order to make every effort to pass on the first attempt. We also require individuals to wait seven (7) days after a failed attempt before attempting the exam again, in order to gain more experience using MuleSoft products and do further studying.

Select MuleSoft partners may be eligible to participate in our Training Certification program. To apply or request further information, contact your partner manager.

You may have also noticed that we have updated our exam names to include focus areas and levels. As long as you received your certification within the last two years, you are still current and your certification is still valid.

Old exam name New exam name
Certified MuleSoft Developer MuleSoft Certified Developer – Integration Professional
Associate MuleSoft Developer MuleSoft Certified Developer – Integration and API Associate
Associate MuleSoft Connector Developer MuleSoft Certified Developer – Connector Specialist
Associate API Designer with RAML MuleSoft Certified Developer – API Design Associate
  1. Click the My Account button at http://training.mulesoft.com.
  2. Log in with the email address you used to take the certification exam with WebAssessor. If you do not already have a password set up on http://training.mulesoft.com for this email address, click the Forgot My Password link on the login page. Note: if you have other email addresses registered with MuleSoft Training, contact us with a request to link your accounts.
  3. Once logged in to your MuleSoft Training account, click the Awards link below the banner.
  4. From there, select "Add to LinkedIn profile" under your certificate!

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