Anypoint Platform Operations: API Management

Anypoint Platform Operations: API Management 3.9


This instructor-led course is for all operations and administration personnel, developers, and architects who want to get hands-on experience managing and deploying APIs on Anypoint Platform (whether Anypoint Platform is MuleSoft-hosted in the cloud or customer-hosted using Anypoint Platform Private Cloud Edition).

A downloadable data sheet for the course can be found here.


1 day in-person or online

8 hours


At the of this course, you should be able to:

  • Manage API access with business groups and API portals
  • Create and deploy API proxies
  • Secure and manage APIs with policies and SLA tiers
  • Organize APIs with versioning and documentation
  • Analyze and monitor APIs


There are no course prerequisites.

Setup Requirements

  • A computer with:
    • A minimum screen resolution of 1024x768
    • The latest version of Firefox or Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 or newer
  • Unrestricted internet access to port 80 (with > 5Mbps download and > 2Mbps upload)
  • An Anypoint Platform account
  • (Optional) Mule 3.9 standalone runtime

A detailed setup document can be found here.

Additional Notes

1 day in-person or online


  • Describe and navigate Anypoint Platform
  • Explain the API development lifecycle with Anypoint Platform
  • Organize users with business groups
  • Use Anypoint Platform roles and permissions
  • Create and use custom roles
  • Create APIs in Design Center by consuming reusable API fragments from Anypoint Exchange
  • Publish, document, and test API specifications in Anypoint Exchange
  • Control API access using Exchange portals
  • Discover APIs through public portals
  • Customize public portals in Exchange
  • Describe the API Gateway
  • Deploy API proxies to Mule runtimes
  • Describe the structure of REST and SOAP proxies
  • Explain how to manage an API without an API proxy
  • Explain runtime policies
  • Secure APIs with the OAuth 2.0 token enforcement policy
  • Enforce Service Level Agreement (SLA) tiers
  • Apply the rate-limiting SLA-based policy to APIs
  • Create and apply custom policies
  • Describe the cross-origin resource sharing policy
  • Define the order of execution of policies
  • Promote managed APIs to different environments
  • Version APIs
  • Document changes in API versions
  • Deprecate older versions of APIs
  • Create API alert notifications
  • View API analytics in the Anypoint Analytics Dashboard
  • Create custom charts
  • Export data from charts
  • Create and run custom reports
  • Explain how to enable API analytics in third-party software

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