Anypoint Platform Operations: On-Prem Deployments


This instructor-led course is for all operations and administration personnel, developers, and architects who want to get hands-on experience managing and monitoring on-prem Mule runtimes and applications with Anypoint Runtime Manager (whether Runtime Manager is in the cloud or on-prem).

Note: This course uses Runtime Manager, which is part of Anypoint Platform and is the recommended management solution for Mule 3.7 and above. If you want to get training for the older Mule Management Console, contact

A downloadable data sheet for the course can be found here.


2 days in-person or online


  • Understand the Mule runtime architecture
  • Install, configure, run, tune, and scale Mule runtimes
  • Deploy Mule applications to Mule runtimes
  • Use Anypoint Runtime Manager to manage, monitor, and analyze Mule runtimes and applications
  • Scale and tune Mule runtimes and Mule applications
  • Automate administration tasks


  • A knowledge of system administration and server commands
  • A basic understanding of data formats such as XML, CSV, and JSON
  • A basic understanding of typical integration technologies such as HTTP, JMS, JDBC, REST, and SOAP

Setup requirements

A detailed setup document can be found here.


PART 1: Administering Mule Runtimes and Mule Applications

  • Introduce typical Mule runtime architecture options and solutions
  • Introduce the runtime operator’s role in Mule application life-cycles
  • Identify operations tasks related to Mule applications
  • Install and start a Mule runtime
  • Deploy a Mule application and Mule domain project to a Mule runtime
  • Introduce Mule application deployment architectures and best practices
  • Introduce continuous integration options with Mule runtimes
  • Configure Mule runtimes
  • Manage Mule runtime licenses
  • Install and manage Mule runtimes as background services
  • Locate and interpret Mule runtime log files
  • Monitor Mule runtimes with JMX
  • Tune the JVM for a Mule runtime
  • Dump a Mule runtime's heap memory and threads

PART 2: Administering with Anypoint Runtime Manager

  • Create and manage business groups and environments
  • Administer Anypoint Platform users
  • Create and manage Anypoint Platform roles
  • Use the Runtime Manager Agent to register a Mule runtime with Anypoint Runtime Manager
  • Deploy Mule applications to on-prem Mule runtimes with Runtime Manager
  • Manage Mule applications with Runtime Manager
  • Align servers and server groups with SDLC environments
  • Introduce options for configuring Mule applications
  • Configure a Mule application for deployment
  • Configure a Mule runtime to use external properties files
  • Use properties files with encrypted values
  • Configure environment specific properties files
  • View Mule runtime and Mule application dashboards
  • Control application flows
  • Configure remote debugging of Mule applications
  • Monitor and analyze Mule application generated business events
  • Configure 3rd party monitoring and analysis plug-ins
  • Configure alerts for on-prem Mule runtimes and Mule applications
  • Distinguish between Mule application scaling options and solution architectures
  • Create and manage Mule runtime clusters
  • Deploy Mule applications into a cluster
  • Test load balancing behavior of Mule applications in a cluster
  • Automate admin tasks with the Anypoint-CLI command-line tool
  • Automate admin tasks with the Anypoint Access Management, CloudHub, and Runtime Manager REST APIs
  • Configure direct external administration connections to a Mule runtime
  • Configure secure direct external administration connections to a Mule runtime

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