Anypoint Connector Development (Live Online)


This instructor-led course is for developers who want to get hands-on experience creating an Anypoint Connector with the DevKit plugin. It includes a voucher code to take the MuleSoft Certified Developer – Connector Specialist exam.


  • Use Anypoint Studio with the Anypoint Devkit plugin to build an Anypoint Connector
  • Use the connector in a Mule project
  • Write functional (Mule) tests and create connector documentation
  • Generate an update site and link the project to source control management
  • Package and install connectors using both command-line and the plugin


Setup requirements

A detailed setup document can be found here.


Module 1: Introducing Anypoint Connectors and DevKit

  • Understanding what Anypoint Connectors are and why they’re beneficial to developers
  • Locating connectors outside of those included in Anypoint Studio
  • Learning what role Anypoint DevKit plays in connector creation

Module 2: Creating a Connector Project

  • Setting up a development environment capable of building Anypoint Connectors
  • Creating an Anypoint Connector project
  • Developing a basic connector
  • Creating an operation for the connector
  • Installing a newly developed connector into Anypoint Studio

Module 3: Developing an Anypoint Connector

  • Using a 3rd party SDK within a connector’s code
  • Creating multiple operations to support varying integration needs
  • Consuming SOAP web services
  • Implementing DataSense in a connector’s operation

Module 4: Finalizing a Connector

  • Modifying a connector’s user interface to make it clean and intuitive to use
  • Creating functional tests which trigger a connector into the context of a Mule application
  • Creating connector documentation
  • Generating an Eclipse update site so developers can access the connector

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