SI Partner Competency Program FAQ

MuleSoft Competencies are granted to current MuleSoft partners who have attained a level of proficiency through training in a specific MuleSoft technical specialty or solution. Attaining a competency allows MuleSoft partners to diffrentiate themselves to customers by showing expertise in a specific technology or solution area. Partners can qualify for one or more competencies by having a strong overall MuleSoft practice, participating in specific training events, showcasing customer success and demonstrating technical readiness within the competency area.

Each competency rating has two levels: specialist and expert.

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Specialist-level competency ratings are awarded to current MuleSoft partners who have completed the required competency training and have at least one technical resource on staff who has completed the MCD - Integration and API Associate certification.

Expert-level competency ratings are awarded to current MuleSoft partners who have achieved the base-level competency rating and have achieved additional technical proficiencies in the specific competency area. Expert-level competency ratings are awarded to MuleSoft partners that have achieved the following requirements:

  • Minimum number of MCD - Integration Professionals on staff (as specified by the partners' level)
  • At least two deployments of the specific competency
  • At least two pieces of public marketing collateral (e.g., press release, datasheet)
  • Delivered at least one marketing event focused on the specific competency

Competency ratings are earned and awarded to the partner where technical certifications are earned and awarded to an individual.

No. MuleSoft does not charge any additional fees for partners to participate in the competency program or use awarded badges. Web based training events supporting the competency areas are also provided to partners at no cost.

There is no limit to the number of competency ratings that a partner can achieve.

MuleSoft partners are encouraged to use competency badges on their websites, advertising and other marketing materials. Only current MuleSoft partners are allowed to use competency badges. Once the MuleSoft partnership expires, the partner is no longer allowed to use competency badges and will be removed from MuleSoft's partner finder website.

Step #1: Satisfy program requirements.
Step #2: Register for and complete the Anypoint Platform Technical Workshop series.

  • For Expert-level competencies at least one person on staff with the MCD - Integration and API Associate designation
  • For Expert-level competencies, have the minimum number of MCD Integration Professionalsin your partner level: Select (2), Premier (4) and Strategic (8).

Step #3: For Specialist competency ratings, register and attend the desired competency training sessions.

Step #4: For Expert competency ratings, follow the steps below to submit your competency application:

  1. Log in to the MuleSoft partner portal.
  2. Click View Partner Scorecard from left navigation.
  3. Click Apply for Competencies.
  4. Select the Competency you wish to apply for.
  5. Complete Competency application.

As part of the competency application, you will need to provide details about your customer deployments, co-marketing events, and marketing materials related to the competency. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a confirmation with the Expert badge and designation on the MuleSoft web site.

Yes. Partners interested in attaining competency ratings are required to meet a number of prerequisites before applying for the program.

In addition to the benefits you receive being a MuleSoft partner, partners that qualify for Expert Competencies will receive a number of valuable benefits, which may include:

Marketing & PR Support Technical & Business Support
  • Public designation on MuleSoft's website and partner directory
  • Use of MuleSoft competency badges in marketing materials
  • Preferred access to GTM funding
  • Selective eligibility for inclusion in future MuleSoft announcements regarding competencies
  • Selective eligibility for inclusion in MuleSoft
  • Selective eligibility to MuleSoft customer opportunities
  • Preferred access to MuleSoft product betas
  • Preferred access to MuleSoft roadmap briefings
  • Selective eligibility for MuleSoft Competency subject matter webinars and training
  • Connectivity
  • Workday Connectivity
  • Magento Connectivity
  • API Design and Management
  • SAP Connectivity
  • Siebel Connectivity
  • Microsoft .NET Connectivity
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Connectivity
  • ServiceNow Connectivity

If you have additional information about the competency program, please connect with your assigned channel manager. Alternatively, you can also email your questions to