Training Credits


Flexible Training Credits are a convenient and cost effective way of purchasing MuleSoft Training and Certification services. Each credit can be used to purchase $250 USD list value of training courses or certification exams and each service has a price in both dollars and credits.

Go here for a downloadable datasheet about Flexible Training Credits.

  1. Allows procurement when the details of the required training and certification services are not known or readily available. For example:
    • Required courses, number of attendees, locations, and delivery methods are not defined yet.
    • Budget is set aside to later purchase training and certification services for previously unseen needs.
  2. Easier to administer:
    • Can be purchased centrally and allocated to teams within an organization.
    • A simple Credit Key can be used to allow students to self-register for services and apply the credits.

Flexible Training Credits can be purchased by an individual using a credit card by clicking the Add to cart button at the bottom of this page OR by a company using a MuleSoft Order Form.

After Flexible Training Credits are purchased, a Flexible Training Credit account is created for that company or that individual in our learning platform. Each Flexible Training Credit account has one or more Training Credit Account Owners that can monitor the Flexible Training Credit balance. If you purchase Flexible Training Credits using a credit card on, you will automatically become the Training Credit Account Owner. If you purchase Flexible Training Credits using a MuleSoft Order Form, your MuleSoft Representative will contact you to designate the person or persons to be Training Credit Account Owners. Once assigned, Training Credit Account Owners will receive an email containing information about how to monitor and use their Flexible Training Credit account.

To manage and monitor the Flexible Training Credit balance as a Training Credit Account Owner, log in to your training account on and navigate to the Account Detail page. Here, you will find the account balance, a transaction history, a list of the account owners, and a unique passkey that needs to be provided when making purchases redeeming Flexible Training Credits. If you want, you can give this passkey to others so they can self-register for classes.

To use the passkey, register for classes on and during the checkout process, select Training Credits as the payment type. You will then be prompted for the passkey for the Flexible Training Credits account.

When a Training Credit Account Owner uses Flexible Training Credits for a purchase, the request will be automatically approved if the account has enough balance. If non-account owners use the passkey for a purchase, a Training Credit Redemption Request is sent to the Training Credit Account Owners who have the ability to review and approve or decline the request.

Flexible Training Credits expire 12 months from the date of the order or grant.